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Here you can find articles about Qt, embedded programming and DIY projects for FriendlyARM development boards and Arduino (+shields).

Install Qt/Qt Quick for Android devices

This tutorial introduces Qt and Qt Quick application framework for Android. It is a howto guide to install the development environment on Ubuntu Host for Android target.


Installazione Qt/Qt Quick per target Android


Qt Contributors’ Summit 2015

Oslo weekend of 6-7th June 2015.

The event is aimed at people who contribute to Qt in any way; code, documentation, bug reports, support on the forums, wiki editing, articles on the web, Youtube videos.  This year the location will be The Qt Company offices in Oslo.

Custom Widget for Qt Quick (QQuickPaintedItem)

The Class QCircularBar is going to be exported to QML deriving from class QQuickPaintedItem. Here a first screenshot of the Qt Creator project.

Qt Creator Custom Widget Plugin (Qt 5.4)

This is the first demo screencast of QCircularBar custom widget plugin for Qt Creator. Source code soon available under LGPL on open git repository.

Qt Day Italy 2015

Qt Day is the only Italian event entirely dedicated to Qt, organized by Develer, official Qt service partner and first Italian company to receive Qt Specialist certification for its staff.

Working on Arduino MAX7219 library: a first video

Hi all, the Arduino MAX7219 library is working! Here a first video. Source code will be delivered as soon as it is stable.

Arduino GUI: MAX7219 with two 7 segment displays: a first approach!

 This time I'm playing with my Arduino UNO board, a MAXIM MAX 7219 driver and a couple of common cathode 7 segment displays.









Arduino & Friendly ARM Temperature Logger with GUI and graphics: part three

Here is the Qt/C++ GUI source code on my Mini6410 front end. the plot diagram is a custom widget that receives the point from the network interface and shows on the grid.

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